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Tuition Rates

The University of the Incarnate Word's School of Professional Studies (SPS) is proud to help the members of the United States military reach their educational goals. In recognition of the work you do for us and our freedom, we are proud to offer you the discounted tuition rates below.

2020-21 SPS Tuition Rates

Active Duty (Undergraduate & Graduate) - $250 per credit hour (which is the “cap”)
Active Duty students will have no out-of-pocket expenses, including free textbooks. An active-duty U.S. military servicemember is currently serving in a branch of the United States military and includes the National Guard or Reserve members placed on active duty and using Tuition Assistance.

Active Duty Spouses and Dependents (Undergraduate) - $375 per credit hour
Active Duty Spouses and Dependents (Graduate) - $525 per credit hour

Veterans (Undergraduate) - $375 per credit hour
Veterans (Graduate) - $525 per credit hour

DoD Civilians (Undergraduate) - $375 per credit hour
DoD Civilians (Graduate) - $525 per credit hour

*Note: All discounts are reviewed and are subject to change annually. The rates listed apply to courses taken through the School of Professional Studies and are not reflective of the rates offered by the UIW main campus schools. Rates listed and the absence of fees will be true for active-duty military students using TA or self-pay through SPS. Rates listed and free textbooks do not apply towards doctoral degrees.

Visit the Business Office web page for additional military tuition information.

How to receive a Military Discount Rate

  • All students who are not using Tuition Assistance (TA) must apply for the military discount by requesting an Active Duty Status certificate from the Official Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) Website. The certificate must be emailed to Please make sure to include your ID number and contact us with any questions. The military discounted provided by SPS does not apply to active-duty military enrolled in a main campus degree program. Website:
  • Students must apply for the military discount rate each semester (Summer, Fall, & Spring) with the exception of veterans who must only submit verification once.
  • Military Discount Rates are applied after the 100% drop date. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for this date.

Active-duty military students who wish to take classes in the traditional main-campus program, not utilizing Tuition Assistance, will receive a 15% discount on the published main-campus tuition rates. Current main-campus tuition and fees (if applicable) can be found at

Billing information: Any eligible military discounts are not applied to the student's account until the second week of classes of each term.

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