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Navy Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start my program at any time?

UIW has six eight-week terms each year. There are two in the fall, two in the spring, and two in the summer term. If you click on term schedule to the left you can find the actual dates. You can elect to start your program with any of those terms.

Will I be assigned an advisor, and will I be able to communicate with that person on a regular basis?

Absolutely! UIW prides itself on being very student friendly! When you join us you will be assigned to an advisor and will be able to communicate via phone or email. If you are ever in San Antonio, please stop in to say hi. We love to meet students in person!

Will courses from other colleges transfer into your partnership school?

Yes, UIW will accept courses from any regionally accredited institution.

How much of the degree has to be taken through UIW to meet residency requirements?

As a member of SOCNav we can only require that you do 25% of your degree programs with us. So, for our associate degrees which are 64 hours, you must do 16 hours with UIW. Our bachelor degrees are 120 hours, so you must do 30 hours with UIW.

How will classes be delivered?

UIW courses are delivered via an online learning platform Blackboard. Blackboard is a learning management system that can be accessed from our website or MyWord.

UIW courses are extremely convenient. If you have a stable Internet connection you will take part in weekly discussion and homework. If you do not have an Internet connection you can elect to take part in some extra assignments to take the place of discussion.

In either case you will work with a faculty member to meet the learning outcomes. If you can take part in discussion, please do as interaction always makes things better for you!

Where do I get my textbook and course materials?

UIW will purchase and ship you your textbook at no cost to you or to the Navy. All we will need is a good address. If you are in the Continental US we need seven days to get you the book. If you are overseas we will require two - three weeks. Register early!

If your course requires extra software, this is not paid for by UIW. All other course materials, such as the course outline, will be available online on the first day of class.

Is there a placement test?

UIW does not require a placement test. However, if you are unsure about your math or writing skills you might want to start with one of our basic skills courses. Your advisor can help you with this.

Do I have to own a computer to do distance learning?

You don't have to own one, but you do need access to one to do our program. You will need to connect to the Internet to upload assignments and take part in discussion if that is possible.

Does you school accept credit from foreign institutions?

UIW will consider course work from international institutions that are approved/registered by their country's Ministry of Education or other national educational governing body. You will need to have your transcript evaluated by a credentialing service. Your advisor can help you with suggestions.

Can I take CLEP and other tests for credit towards a degree?

Yes, you can do a variety of tests to earn credit. UIW will accept CLEP, DANTES and Excelsior College examinations as long as you meet or exceed the ACE recommended level for credit.

Can I continue my degree while at sea?

Sure! Remember, UIW courses are very convenient. In an eight week long term, when you can take part in discussion do so. If you don't have stable Internet you can elect to do extra assignments in lieu of discussion and simply connect to send your assignments.

How many courses can I take at a time?

We recommend that you take one the first time to determine how much time you have with all of your military responsibilities. After that you can take two of three depending on your circumstances. Your advisor will help you decide what will work best for you.

How do I apply for grants/financial aid?

Follow these easy steps for Financial Assistance. Review the process before you begin! You will have no out of pocket expense if you join UIW, however you could use aid after you reach the total of 16 hours.

Step ONE:

Students should complete the Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at (UIW code: 003578). You may begin this process as soon as January 1st of the current year. Based on the FAFSA, your eligibility is determined for grants, loans, and the federal work program. If you need assistance completing a FAFSA, please call 1800-433-3243.

Step TWO:

FAFSA will notify you by email or mail concerning you Student Aid Report. Please review for accuracy and submit any corrections to our office. If you are selected for verification, please submit the required paperwork.


Students should submit a current UIW Student Information Form available on the UIW Financial Aid forms page.

You may fax this form to 210-283-5053.

Step FOUR:

Students will receive their Award Letter approximately 2 weeks after the FAFSA and Student Information Form have been submitted and processed. For early awarding, students will receive an Award Letter after March 1st. Please review your Award Letter carefully, your Award Letter will indicate how much you are eligible in scholarships, grants, loans, and federal work program.

***Notify our office of any changes (ie, housing, VA benefits, enrollment status, outside scholarships, or changes in program). Submit signed Award Letter only if you are declining the Federal Stafford Loans.

Step FIVE:

If you want to accept your Federal Stafford Loans, submit a Master Promissory Note at or call Customer Assistance at 1-800-845-6267.

Step SIX:

If you are interesting in participating in the Federal Work Program, please complete all requirements.


If you are interested in Other Loan Options, please complete all requirements. The amount you are eligible for is listed on your award letter.

How do I use my VA Benefits?

Please submit your application for your GI Bill benefits online using VONAPP- You may also fax an application for MGIB (form 22-1990 or 22-1995 if you have previously used your benefits at another institution) to the UIW Center for Veterans Affairs You can obtain this form from your local VA office or online at

If you are active duty, please make sure that the commander/Education center signs the bottom of the application. If you are not active duty, please fax a copy to your DD 214 with the application.

Once you register for courses, we will mail the application to the Veterans Regional Office in Oklahoma and submit an enrollment certification (VA Form 1999). A monthly benefit will be mailed directly to you from the VA (the VA asks for 30-45 days to process your claim) via direct deposit or by mail in a check form.

Do you have study guides for the courses offered?

Each course has a virtual classroom that is full of information for the students. You will get a detailed course outline that explains the expectations for each course. Each week you will get weekly lessons and assignments.

Will tuition assistance cover the costs for this type of study?

Absolutely! Navy TA will allow you to take up to 16 hours at $250 per hour per fiscal year. UIW tuition is $250 an hour and we charge zero fees to our military population. In addition, we buy your textbooks at no cost to you or the Navy.

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